#dataforgood campaign has ended on the 19th of Feb 2021

We thank you all for your participation!


You can now put your unused mobile data to good use by simply turning on hotspot sharing.


When you opt in to the Gluu #dataforgood initiative and turn on your hotspot on the Gluu app, Gluu’s partners will donate $1 to needy families for every minute you share.

#dataforgood hour sponsored by

Share your hotspot, and winners will be picked weekly to receive a branded EZ-Link charm worth $29.90 each. 

Winners will be announced on Facebook and Instagram

Here’s how you can get involved



You can contribute to the cause by sponsoring $1 for every minute of hotspot minute. The full amount will be aggregated and channeled to the beneficiary below



You can support the cause by helping us promote #dataforgood on your platform. Or you can form a team to be hotspots4good,   please email gluuers@gluu.life.


You can turn on device as a #dataforgood  hotspot during this period, and every hotspot minute will be backed by sponsors. Download Gluu here, www.bit.ly/Gluuapp

All you need to do is to opt in by following the steps below

In the Gluu app, go to

Account > Data Usage

Click on Edit

Under My Data Sharing Limit, select #dataforgood

Our Beneficiaries

Fei Yue Senior Activity Centres reach out to low-income, vulnerable seniors above the age of 60 who live in 1/2 room rental flats. The funds will contribute to internet packages for each senior to enable online learning, and stay in communications with their loved ones and community

Our Partners​



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