connecting people, through people.

A community platform enabling crowdsourcing for connectivity, internet access sharing and micro-earnings.

Earn from sharing connectivity and microjobs!


Wild Digital - Disruptive Startup Finalists

Juniper Research Future Digital Awards - Platinum Winner (Citizen Engagement Solution)







how it works.

Gluu is an app that enables C2C secure sharing for connectivity. Users can source for mobile connectivity from nearby devices anytime, and anywhere in the world where the Gluu community is present.  Connection between devices is secure via Gluu technology. Users make use of our currency Glits for sharing and connecting. Glits can be earned or purchased in-app.


We work with retailers and businesses who can boot up Wi-Fi hotspots with just the Gluu app and enjoy the benefits of our data insight service to support businesses. 


We work with brands who sponsor consumer to consumer connectivity. 



Source for connectivity (WiFi or mobile data) from nearby devices when you need it. Anywhere in the world where the Gluu community is present.  Connection between devices is secure via Gluu technology. Users make use of our currency Glits for sharing and connecting. Glits can be earned or purchased in-app. 

Source for help for tasks or microjobs that require time or skills and expertise from the community. Buy more time in your life by having someone else who can do the job! Or earn from side hustles if you have the time or the right skill! 

WFH gigs allow you to source for expert help anywhere in the world, or earn from jobs from other countries right in your own home! 

sharing economy.

When we connect our devices, we can form a shared network of internet access formed by people through their devices that is accessible by anyone. This enables everyone to source for internet from networks even if it is not their providers. And source for data from the community at local rates and quality of service when they travel.


Users can share the connectivity from their mobile devices or Wi-Fi routers by setting them up as hotspots in the app. This enables the community who are seeking connectivity to connect simply and securely through the app.  

Connectivity is traded via a digital credit “Glits” that can be purchased, and accumulated and exchanged for product vouchers or mobile data rebates in the Gluu Store.

secure connection.

It is important our users feel safe when connecting to our Wi-Fi cloud. Gluu Secure Connect features double-layered security to ensure your data enjoys safe passage.

• Every user is validated on our platform

• Device to device certification-based authentication


Our platform verifies authenticity of users through account verification methods, peer ratings and reviews to build trust in the community


Through data analytics, we optimise our users ability to find their match.

We optimise connectivity through optimal price and location matching, and jobs matching through data insights.



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the buzz.

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Can you sell your unused mobile data? - Gluu Founders

Media Releases

Gluu enables any consumer application to allow their users to share connectivity with one another

Co-founder of Gluu Life Inducted into Inaugural 100 Women in Tech List in Singapore 

Singapore Technology Startup Gluu Life Wins Smart Cities Innovation 

Industry Veterans Alexander Rusli and Masahiko Yabuki join Gluu's Strategic Advisory Board (3 April 2019)

our hotspots.

Gluu hotspots are made up of individuals and small businesses using Gluu to share their connectivity. As part of our continued to improve coverage for our users, Gluu Connect allows our technology to be embedded seamlessly in any consumer or corporate application to extend the connectivity sharing to their community and users. This allows any brand to engage their customers by bringing connectivity to their users in their retail stores or wherever the users are. 


Email if you are interested.


contact us.

We're always happy to speak with friends and partners who are keen to join our Gluu eco-system. Interested partners and brands can contact us here.

Thank you for your enquiry. We will get back to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, you may email us at

download Gluu.

Gluu is currently only available for Android users or email to register your interest.