connecting people, through people.

A Wi-Fi cloud that follows you, powered by everyone, accessible to anyone. 

how it works.

Gluu taps on the sharing economy model to enable anyone to be a connectivity supplier, thus ensuring ubiquity and affordability.

Gluu's cloud enables consistent and secure mobile connectivity globally through a simple sign on.

Our users and hotspot partners from the Wi-Fi cloud provide connectivity all over the world.

Gluu has a native currency, Glits, that is earned by users when they share. Glits can be used to exchange for products and services at the Gluu Store.

sharing economy.

Gluu creates a win-win situation for both users and sharers. Users can access hassle-free, affordable data over a secure network through a simple sign-on on the app.

Sharers can earn e-coins known as Glits when they share their data, which can be redeemed for vouchers in the Gluu Store.

secure connection.

It is important our users feel safe when connecting to our Wi-Fi cloud. Gluu Secure Connect features 3 levels of security to ensure your data enjoys safe passage.

• Every user is validated on our platform

• Device to device certification-based authentication

• Connection is hosted on a secure VPN tunnel


the buzz.

"Connectivity has become a necessity and Gluu brings an innovative platform for connectivity which creates value to the community, brands and operators. 

The team has tremendous experience to make this a great success."

Howie Lau

Chief Industry Development Officer, IMDA

our hotspots.

As more users use Gluu, our community and hotspot coverage grows. Tell us where you would like your Gluu spots to be!


contact us.

We're always happy to speak with friends and partners who are keen to join our Gluu eco-system. Interested partners and brands can contact us here.

download Gluu.

Gluu is currently only available for Android users. For non-Android users, please click here to register your interest.